Finding good Toronto Dental Crowns is not easy! Look no further!

The Dental Health Center provides quality and affordable Toronto Dental Crowns

A Toronto Dental crown is a covering that sits over the top of the tooth creating a tooth surface to protect, cover, seal and strengthen your tooth. Crowns are used in many different scenarios as they are effective and often allow us to save a tooth rather than turning to implants.

Situations where a crown may be the solution include;

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    Larger fillings that have broken down or have formed decay around them may need a crown to save the tooth.

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    A cracked tooth may need a crown to hold it together. Be careful not to wait too long as an untreated cracked tooth can become sensitive or eventually break.

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    Teeth that are very sensitive, either from a lot of “wear”, or from receded gums, sometimes require crowns to seal and protect the teeth from hot and cold sensitivity.

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    A tooth that has broken may be too weak to hold a filling. A crown will hold the tooth together and prevent it from breaking again. If the fracture is too deep, Root Canal Therapy may be required before the tooth is crowned. A tooth that has undergone Root Canal Therapy will need a crown to properly seal and protect the tooth.

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